Individual Insurance Benefits

Individual Benefits

Personal protection for you and your family

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Life Insurance

Comprehensive life insurance for any lifestyle. Easy Application without medical evidence for coverage amounts less than $500,000. Electronic application and approvals. Protect your income, mortgage debt, and family legacy

How Much Do I need? use the following acronym as a guide and contact us for a custom recommendation.

L -Liabilities – Pay off your Mortgage and Loans
I – Income – Calculate 8 to 10 times your Salary
F – Funeral Expenses and Taxation
E – Education Savings for you children

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disability protection

Protect your biggest asset from accidents and sickness, yourself! 24 hour coverage for any occupation, accident and sickness, or guaranteed issue accident only. Provides up to 75% of your income tax free.
0 to 120 day waiting period-Benefit for 2 years, 5 years, or until age 65-24 hour accident and sickness benefit.
Own occupation extension from 2 to 5 years for trades/professionals

Critical Illness Protection Whistler

Critical Illness

Critical illness protection provides a lump sum benefit for illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, and 22 other illnesses. Flexible plan design to suit your needs
. Simplified coverage for amounts less than $250,000 and up to 1 million 
return of premium option.